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Makutano Project – the Kenyan Soap Opera

Makutano Junction is a gripping Kenyan produced TV soap opera which currently attracts over seven million viewers in Kenya alone.  It aims both to entertain and inform East African viewers.  Set in a fictional Kenyan village, it follows the loves and lives of a colourful cast;  romance, corruption, comedy, tragedy – it’s all in there!

As well as entertaining audiences, Makutano Junction, like the Archers, was conceived as a means of disseminating valuable information through an engaging and accessible medium. Makutano Junction viewers identify issues of interest to them, such as income-generation, mental and physical health,  rights and responsibilities of good citizens, which are then incorporated into the storylines. Thirteen series (comprising 13 half hour episodes each) have now been produced and are being broadcast in Africa.

Makutano Junction - The Global Learning Project

Thanks to funding from DFID and EU, the producers of Makutano Junction, (Mediae) have teamed up with The Institute of Education, Just Ideas, DECs and teachers across the UK to devise innovative teaching materials which help you incorporate Global Learning into the curriculum.  The resources can be used individually or as a set.  Teachers have found it useful to begin with on or more of the introductory activities about Kenya, which sets the scene for further Global Learning.

Using Our Resources


There are 25 activities for secondary students covering topics such as social justice, human rights, youth and relationships, as well as comparisons between soaps in UK and Kenya. Materials are suitable for Key Stages 3 and 4 and can be used in a wide range of subject areas including Geography, English/Drama, Media Studies, ICT and Citizenship.  These materials are GLP accredited.


A further 25 activities for primary students been produced in collaboration with teachers and Development Education Centres in England and written by a team of Global Learning professionals (Mediae, Institute of Education, Just Ideas) with a strong lead from a team of primary teachers.  Each resource uses material from Makutano Junction as a catalyst for exploring Global Learning under four themes:

  • Introduction to Kenya and to Makutano Junction
  • Introducing development, poverty and money
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Health and wellbeing

Comments from students from the South West.

“It’s lush!”

“We expected Kenya to be really poor, but there are skyscrapers and that as well”

“When Red had her nails and hair done, I wouldn’t have expected them to have that – we wear fake nails; I didn’t think they would”

“I thought the men would dress in dresses, but they don’t – they wear trousers. some wear jeans, like us”

“I didn’t expect there to be market stalls, like in Eastenders”

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